Alternate Phone Numbers

Ever needed a second phone number? Or third, or fourth? Want to remain anonymous online? Don't want to give out your number to strangers?

Interested? We're in a beta stage right now, if you're interested in participating, sign up now below!

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Your phone

Make calls and send texts, take calls and receive texts; all using local area codes.

Multiple numbers

Keep track of all your numbers all in one location, no contracts, no commitment

Remain anonymous

Don't want to give out your real number to strangers or over the Internet?

Keep your number

Moving country or going on a holiday? Keep your number local. No need to get Mom to install a special app to reach you!

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Call and text from web
Choose your own numbers
Call and text from mobile web (android)
Text from mobile web (iOS)
Free unlimited voice mails
* Port your number into or out of AltPhone!
* Import and sync contacts from your phone
* Customize text and ring tones
* Customize voicemail greeting
* Voicemail transcription
* iOS and Android native apps coming soon!
* MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)
* Call forwarding
* SMS forwarding
* Do not call hours scheduling (including send to voicemail hours)
* Auto text reply
* Auto topup
* Call recording
* Conference calling
* Coming soon (in development or under review)